Russian River Valley, California
Belloni Vineyard
The core now is mostly a flat black, broad rims of rust red, zinc orange to yellow, look fully matured. The nose has an offputting metallic, barnyard floor aspect, sort of stewed as well, peanut shells and old cedar, the fruit mainly plum with some cherry as well. Full-bodied and densely layered, thereís some clumped up tannin residue so it is reasonable to say it was more structured in its youth. Strong cedar, incense, potpourri to menthol, tries to give it lift. While plummy here too thereís more of a red fruit tang as counterpoint. Any citrus has faded behind the rest. Itís a good wine and thereís an admirable amount of fruit left. But itís too disjointed to really enjoy. Mainly Zinfandel, remainder unspecified percentages of Petite Sirah, Alicante, Carignane.
87 points