Mustiguillo, Bodega
Valencia, Spain
Finca Calvestra
Matured golden color, close to coppery, unblemished and translucent, a little bit of surface shine perks it up. Slight caramel, toffee edge to the nose, spiced orange peel and rose petals, the yellow apple, peach, pear scents have a cellar coolness, nice waxiness before it dissolves. Full-bodied, more muscular than densely layered, lacks a certain fluidity. Six plus years out the oak toast remains a determining factor. Ginger to cumin spice, lesser degree of caramel, more bite. Develops an airy floral perfume which just hovers over the palate. More apple, white pit fruit along with persimmon accents. Tangerine, blood orange mixed in there too. Without a doubt itís an interesting wine, however, threads start to loosen before you see the pattern of the cloth.
87 points