Limerick Lane
Russian River Valley, California
Headpruned Block
The core more a reddish black than purple, deeply hued red brick rims. At first the nose marred by a metallic, stewed tomato element, this normalizes over time into plum to prune, cherry liqueur, and menthol, glimmer of honeyed ham but on the whole itís fruit and minimal complexity beyond that. Full-bodied, sour mouth entry and for all of the plum, cherry, cassis fruit feels dry on the tongue. More cocoa to coffee roast here, not over-oaked but not fully subsided at this point. Tannin begins to clamp down through the mid-palate. More vegetal than gamey. Some licorice. Not quite sure what to make of it, does not evolve much in the glass. Much more likely to get worse than better with additional aging.
88 points