Tried these three new arrivals over the weekend:
1. MarthaStoumen out of the meadow SuisunVlly WW (11.5%; 40% CheninBlanc/25% Vermentino/20% TrousseauGris/19.5% GreenHungarian/0.5% ChasselasDore; Sebastopol 2018: colr w/ tiny bubbles that dissapate; rather attractive fragrant mostly CB/pear/white fruits some floral/dandelions light chalky/mineral lovely nose; quite tart/tangy bright/vibrant CB/pear/apple light chalky/mineral bit floral/Vermentino/carnations quite pleasant flavor w/ slight dissolved CO2 on the palatevery long quite tart/bit grapefruity/lemony mostly CB/pear some Vermen/floral/carnations light mineral finish; speaks mostly of CB and reminds a lot of the Chalone OV CB; not a profound white but bright/zippy/vibrant w/ plenty of flavor that belies the 11.5% alcohol; not the least bit green or eviscerated. $38.00
2. MarthaStoumen post flirtation Calif WW (10%; 40% Roussanne/28% Colombard/17% Marsanne/15% MuscatBlanc) 2018: Light gold somewhat cloudy color w/ tiny bubbles that dissapate; slight funky/earthy/natty/bit swimming pool slight skin-contact/phenolic/resiny light floral/Rouss/honeyed/peach apple/quince quite interesting nose; very tart/tangy/grapefruity/bit screechy light phenolic/skin-contact/resiny slight funky/natty but not unclean rather grapefruity/orangey/Rouss/honeyed some stony/mineral quite unusual flavor; very long quite tart/tangy/rather grapefruity/bit screechy light resiny/skin-contact/phenolic some Rouss/honeyed/floral/orangey finish; a rather interesting white w/ a nice balance between skin-contact/phenolic & fruit; shows some natty/funky character but not at all unclean or flawed; probably a wine SweetAlice would love; reminds a bit of a Jura Chard more than anything. $26.00
3. MarthaStoumen post flirtation Calif RW (12.3%; 50% Zin/Carignane) 2018: Med.color; pleasant raspberry/Zin/light cherry/Carignane some tomatoey/MendoCntyRed/earthy bit rustic/Italianate rather pretty nose; lightly tart mostly raspberry/Zin/cherry fairly earthy/dusty/OV rather MendoCntyRed/tomatoey bit rustic flavor w/ light gentle tannins; long rather raspberry/Zin/slight spicy/cherry strong MendoCnty/tomatoey fairly earthy/rustic pretty finish w/ light tannins; speaks strongly of UkiahVlly/tomatoey/OV Zin; a rather pretty rustic Zin that reminds of the old-timey Parducci/Pedroncelli/Weibel Zins; a pleasant old-timey glou glou red. $26.00
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. MarthaStoumen is a "natural" wine maker. I was first drawn to her wines because she makes a Nero d'Avola that interested me.