Tried last night this blast from the past from Blair's cellar:
1. BonnyDoonVnyd LeGaucher Calif RTW (Barbera/Mourvedre) 1992: Med.color w/ some browning; rather cedary/pencilly/oldRed light spicy/Barbera fairly complex slight metallic/dusty bit tired but interesting; soft rather cedary/pencilly/oldRed light Barbera/spicy/plummy/Mourv somewhat tired/dried out/astringent some complex flavor w/ light smooth bit astringent tannins; long rather cedary/pencilly/oldRed slight Barbera/spicy some tired/dried out bit metallic finish w/ light gentle bit astringent tannins; not a lot of fruit left and rather on the tired side; more of an intellectual interest than a sensual interest.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. As best I can tell, the unusual blend was only made in '91/'92. The Mourv was probably ContraCosta Mataro. No idea where the Barbera was from. "Gaucher" is French for left-handed.

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