Mill House Brewing Co.
Hubar DIPA
American Double/Imperial IPA
New York
16oz, 4-Pack
Solid finger plus of eggshell white foam, mild dimpling but the retention is very good, nice and dense, thick and sticky lacing streaks. Very light haze to the copper orange hued liquid, large number of beads produce bubbles throughout, easy to see how the head gets replenished. Crisp nose of biscuit, cracker and peppercorns, the white to pink grapefruit not as arch as it might be, not much pine nor dankness, this cleanliness perhaps diminishes the oomph of the apple, apricot fruit scents, overall displays energy without being forceful. Medium-bodied and closer to full than light, carbonation goes a good way in breaking up its solidity without substituting creaminess in its place. More pink grapefruit to lime citrus here and seems quite malty, smooth and sweet. The dry cracker element consistent from the nose, more piney here by a wide margin. Only after a few sips does the peach, apricot, mango fruit really settle in. It's a very good example of a beer that really weaves itself into a whole rather than bunch of soloists and has plus level drinkability. Can see how some might find it lacks "wow" factor but that's likely the point.
4 out of 5

Edited by Marc Hanes (05-29-2019 16:12:44)