Maine Beer Company
Post Ride Snack Session India Pale Ale
American IPA
Close to two fingers of bright white foam, too airy for much retention, sizzles down at a rapid pace and leaves close to zero lacing behind. The first pour is squeaky clean with a shiny yellow gold color, next pour is cloudier, the bubbles fully dispersed throughout, good lift. Very leafy, earthy nose, processed grains and then a dab of honey to soften things, arch enough that the white grapefruit citrus doesn't quite grab hold, the peach, apricot scents direct and simple, overall it's naked without makeup or guile. Medium-bodied just because of its firmness, not necessarily because it is heavy. The carbonation vacillates between prickle and fluff, finally settling on the former. Dry, releases well at the end so you can finally relax into it. More zesty grassiness and gets close to being peppery. Dried pine sap, quinine, and lemon peel give it more focus than breadth. The white pit fruit takes hold better here and allows for pear, apple accents, not really tropical. Benefits from getting a little warmer than fridge temp, takes off some of the harder angles. Nice enough, ultimately unmoving for this imbiber but it fits the basic Maine Beer Company mold.
3 out of 5