Shared these w/ Susan over the weekend:
1. Boheme Chard TaylorRidgeVnyd/SonomaCoast (13.7%; Hrvstd: Sept.15; Y=0.57 tons/acre; 75 cs; 2015: Med.dark gold color; strong pencilly/oak stronf cold-climate/celery seed rather ripe/melony/Chard/lemony slight herbal nutty/oxidative/smokey some complex quite lovely nose; fairly tart/tangy strong c-c/celery seed/lemony/melony/Chard/spicy/cardamon light pencilly/oak light nutty/smokey bit herbal/sorrel some complex bit old WB lovely flavor; very long/lingering melony/Chard/lemony bit c-c/herbal/celery seed light pencilly/oak bit nutty fairly omplex finish; developing a biit of the nutty old WBurg complexity; seems to be moving right along and should hold & develop for another 3-4 yrs.
2. LaCrau Scorpion DdeOC: Douro Branco FieldBlend (30% Gouveio/25% Rabigato/20% Verdelho/20% Viosinho/5% Moscatel Galego Branco; 13.5%;; Winemaker: Rui Cunha/Quinta da Faisca/Favalos 2017: color; rather fragrant floral/carnations/dandelions slight spicy/new mown grass/fresh alfalfa slight stony/earthy quite attractive nose; quite tart/tangy/lemony/citric rather floral/dandelions/new mown grass/alfalfa maybe slightly off-dry (0.6% r.s.?) slight stony/lemony/earthy rather taut/wirey flavor; very long floral/dandelions/alfalfa bit stony/lemony quite brisk/tart finish; quite a nice brisk/wirey white that reminds some of a good Albarino; quite interesting. $16.00 (PrimaIlC)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. The Boheme was opened to celebrate KurtBeitler's BD on Saturday. The 2'nd was a recent Prima IlConsorzio arrival I wanted to try.

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