Ghost Hawk Brewing Co.
Wayward Hellion
Belgian Blonde Ale
New Jersey
64oz, Growler
Modest head. Dark golden color, hazy. At first the nose is grainy and close to grassy before settling into banana and bubblegum, appropriate amount of apricot to golden apple fruit scents, not particularly funky, the spiciness is present but not easy to parse out, more of a blended whole. Full-bodied and heavier than expected, close to syrupy in texture. Dab of lemon and honey activates the banana element, here more peppery with spicier bite. Doesn't seem to have a lot of esters present. The peach, apricot, pear fruit steady enough, doesn't quite last to the end. You feel a growing hoppiness through the finish, drier and more angular. After awhile the heaviness slows you down, as a result hard to see having more than one glass in a sitting.
3 out of 5

Edited by Marc Hanes (07-04-2019 08:46:32)