Tried this w/ Susan Fri:
1. Dom.PhilemOn JuranconNoir IGP: Cotes du Tarn/Gaillac (13%; Pet-Nat; WineTraditionsLtd/FallsChurch; MeBaD) MathieuVieules/Villeneuve sur Vere 2015: Very dark color; quite earthy/dusty/very loamy rather grapey/blackberry/boysenberry some peppery/licorice/bit herbal rather Mondeuse-like bit Syrah-lik fairly attractive nose; very tart/sour quite rough/tannic quite earthy/loamy/Kansas root cellar strong blackberry/licorice/boysenberry bit herbal/Mondeuse-like quite rough/coarse/rugged/rustic flavor w/ ample coarse/rugged tannins; very long very rough/coarse/earthy/loamy quite tart/sour some blackberry/licorice//boysenberry finish w/ ample rough/chewey tannins; a rather attractive if earthy nose but pretty rugged/brutal on the palate; don't see that age is going to help this wine much. $17.00 (DiVino)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. The Jurancon Noir is a Folle Blanche X Cot (Malbec) cross. It reputedly makes wines that are light-bodied and low in color. This wine was not that. It was closed by a crown cap, which led me to believe it was a Pet-Nat. There was no signs of CO2, it just happens to be the closure Mathieu Vieules uses.
This was not a bad wine, per se. It was just pretty rugged on the palate & a bit painful to drink.

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