Came in my last Prima IlConsorzia shipment, so tried Fri night:
1. Foxen CheninBlanc OldVines/ErnestoWickendenVnyd/SantaMariaVlly (13.7%; BillWathen/DickDore/Rancho Tinaquaic 2016: Light gold color; strong CB/pear/bit grapefruity somewhat stony/chalky/slatey bit complex/OV quite attractive nose; quite tart/tangy/grapefruity bit metallic strong pear/CB rather stony/steely/chalky/mineral bit complex flavor; very long/lingering strong pear/CB fairly stony/slatey/mineral finish; somewhat Loire in style but more CB fruit to it; quite a nice OV CB at a great price. $20.00 (PrimaIlC)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. I used to follow the Foxen wines pretty closely. Started in 1985, the early Foxen wines were pretty heavily oaked. But they have since backed off on the oak quite a bit. Foxen has sorta fallen off my radar. I should try them more often.
This wine shows a lot of OldVine CB character, much like Chalone OV CB.