Sara brought her chocolate-covered potato chips last night from NorthFork/SD, so we had this dessert red:
1. Pierrots Vino da Uve Stramature (70% PetiteRouge/30% Fumin; 16%) Feudo di SanMarizio/Sarre/Val d'Aosta NV: Very dark/black color; very intense grapey/boysenberry/plummy/pomegranate some earthy bit alcoholic beautiful intense nose; quite sweet lightly tart very intense boysenberry/blackberry/pomegranate syrup slight earthy/dusty somewhat complex flavor w/ little tannins; very long/lingering very sweet intense boysenberry/pomegranate molasses/blackberry slight earthy finish w/ little tannins; quite an interesting if intense sweet wine much like mainlining pomegranate molasses. $40.00/hlf (EVN)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. Nothing here in the way of varietal character that makes the Valle d'Aosta wines so interesting. Just very intense sweet grapey stuff. This was made like a Sforzato, drying the grapes in lug boxes for two months. Definitely a stickie that demands chocolate.

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