2017 Three Sticks Pinot Noir Walala Vineyard Sonoma Coast

We visited Three Sticks this past spring and were blown away. They don't sell at retail and they are not cheap, but the wines are very impressive. The winemaker is Bob Cabral.

This pinot is a vibrant cherry red in color, translucent at the rim. A sweet, red fruited nose; floral notes come out as it gets more air. Deep red fruit on the palate, a bit primary until it gets air. Then lovely strawberry and cherry notes come out, a bit of spice. Firm tannins, bright acidity and gorgeous balance. A long, peppery, cherry finish. Overall it is bright, fresh and lovely. This was a pop and pour, but I will definitely decant these in the future. By the end of the evening, it was a superb pinot. "A" with an upside.