Had this last night at my tasting w/ desserts:
1. RoyalTokaji LateHrvst (11%; SaH: 28.0 g/100 ml; RS: 10.0 G/100 ml; www.Royal-Tokaji.com; Furmint/Hárslevelű/Muscat de Lunel) Mad 2016: Med.gold color; strong ripe peach/grapey/white fruits/pineapple/floral light earthy/stony rather attractive nose; quite sweet bit tart strong grapey/papaya/pineapple/very ripe light earthy/stony bit simple flavor; very long strong peach/papaya/pineapple/ripe slight stony/earthy grapey/papaya/pineapple light earthy finish; no signs of botrytis and a bit on the simple side; a pleasant enough dessert wine but just that. $34.00/500ml (SFW&S)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This is a wnry that was founded in 1990. Apparently HughJohnson is one of the principals.