Orlando Abrigo Barbaresco Vigna Montersino 2004

14% / Imported by Free Run, WA.

After a series of poor, non-typical Piedmont wines from Garagiste, I ignored any future offers for Piedmont from them. This one probably came into my inbox. Ironic to buy it years later.

"Very smooth. Intense. very modern but very nice. Out-sized, striking, deft use of oak and rich/concentrated."

This was a very interesting wine. From Treiso, it validates my interest in the area. It also makes a case for Barbaresco being quite different than Barolo, not just the little sister. I've never drank a Barolo that tasted like this. It was very modern - I stayed away from Barbaresco, in part because it seemed like there were a lot of modern producers there. This was one of those. You could smell the barrique right away but you could also smell the wine in the bottle from a distance, a great sign. I've never had oak paired with nebbiolo like this. It was very complex, very structural and textural. The oak bound with the wine and created something new, I visualized these parallel lines of wine/oak/structure/texture, like ripples on the sand or waves on the ocean, one after another. Somewhat stunning. Spicy and racy. Never had anything like it, just like the 1978 wine also from this producer. In some ways, I see some slight parallels between the two. Inexpensive as well - I love getting great wine for cheap! Decanted 2 hours. I have no idea how this will age but seems like it would keep well for some time. Highly recommended and unusual wine. We drank a half a glass a day later and it was really fine. Great with chanterelle pasta.


Orlando Abrigo Barbaresco Vigna Montersino 2004.JPG

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