Some new "natural" wines from PM Distributors showed up at Kokoman's Fri, so I tried this weekend:
1. Famille Peillot Altesse AdOC: Roussette du Bugey-Montagnieu (12.5%; MeBalP; Louis/Dressner Slctns) 2018: color; slight appley/floral bit earthy/funky slight haymow/natty/bit mousey rather strange nose; quite tart/tangy/grapefruity/bit metallic bit funky/natty/earthy/haymow slight cidery rather strange flavor w/ precious little fruit; med.long rather tart/tangy bit grapefruity/apple cider bit earthy/natty/haymow no fruit finish; a rather strange charmless white that only a mother could love; not a bad wine or a flawed wine but just sorta strange and doesn't deliver much pleasure; a sorta apple cidery wine w/o the apples. After several hrs opened, the wines clears to a pleasant Savoie Roussette w/ the savory/mineral character you expect from a Savoie Roussette. $23.50 (KK)
2. Famille Peillot Mondeuse AC: Bugey (MeBalP; 12%; Louis/Dressner) Montagnieu/Bugey 2017: Med.dark color; strong black cherry cola/herbal/Mondeuse rather earthy/loamy/dusty light oak somewhat rustic/funky/root cellar nose; lightly tart/tangy bit lean/hard/tannic/rough some Mondeuse/herbal/black cherry cola bit funky/natty/loamy bit metallic interesting flavor w/ some tangy/bitey hard/coarse tannins; med.long rather black cherry cola/Mondeuse earthy/loamy/hard/coarse/rough bit funky/natty finish w/ some hard/coarse tannins; a rather earthy/loamy/coarse/funky expression of Mondeuse; doesn't hold a candle to a Lagier-Meredith. $21.00 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. So there you have it....two "natural" wines. They were a bit better than I expected and rather interesting...but didn't offer up a whole lot of pleasure. Pretty much the story of many "natural" wines.