Tried this last night to share at tonight's Pig+Fig dinner:
1. Duff Gordon India Sherry (Solera established: 1768; 20%; Imported Exclusively by CortiBros/Sacramento) Duff Gordon/Jerez NV: Very dark brown/pale PX color; bit alcoholic nutty/walnutty/coffee/toffee bit smokey Oloroso very complex beautiful nose; fairly dry rather tart intense coffee/walnutty/smokey/toffee dry Oloroso quite complex flavor; very long/lingering quite dry bit austere bit alcoholic intense dry Oloroso/walnutty/walnutty/pecan pie/toffee bit smokey very complex finish that goes on&on; a beautiful example of a complex/aged dry Oloroso sherry.
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. This is a sherry I bought from DarrellCorti in the mid-'70's and stored since then in my cellar. Cannot find out anything out on the InterNet about this wine. Will have to ask Darrell. But it was a pretty spectacular example of an old Oloroso sherry.