Sottimano Barbaresco 2010 Pajore and Batasiolo Barbaresco 2014.

I finally beat the Xmas dinner nebbiolo curse as both of these showed very nicely. They were very similar wines. The Batasiolo was like a little sibiling to the Sottimano - a tiny bit less serious and impressive but the two wines seemed to have the same profile. The blends from Batasiolo continue to impress me (the 1995 Barolo was great) and Sottimano did not come across as modern in a negative way.

Purchased at, less than one block from where we were staying, they had a nice selection I wouldn't have found in my hometown stores. My Mom's apartment was running 78 degrees or more, so I left the wines out in the car and then when I brought them in, I left them in front of an open window.

Served with stuffed pheasant, both of these wines were excellent. They had been opened a few hours before but not decanted. The wines had a lot of energy, were supported (opposite of flabby), smooth and had a pleasant drying aspect to them. Good acidity and integrated flavors, although in a narrow/compressed band.

No notes as it was a family holiday. The wines point out my lack of familiarity with Barbaresco and again, that it is quite different than Barolo. These were easier to drink than a Barolo but not as complex or with such a wide range of flavors and sensations. I would have found it hard to write notes about these two wines, as they presented aspects that were unusual to me. Very highly recommended and I continue to feel good about focusing on Treiso as the Pajore is from Treiso.


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