As linked in WineTerroirist, there is an absolutely fascinating article by BryceWiatrak (who he?) in GuildSomm:
on the past & future of indigenous grapes.
There's one whole section devoted to sex, with illustrations. It points out that VitisVinifera is largely hermaphrodatic whilst the wild vines, VitisSilvestris, are not and require nearby planting of varieties of the opposite sex for producing grapes. It was long a claim that the VitisVinifera variety, Picolit, was suffering a malady known as floral abortion. In fact, it is simply that Picolit is a sterile variety and requires interplanting with Verduzzo (or something else) to be polinated to set a decent crop.
He talks about the Rhone movement in Calif and the failure of the Cal-Ital movement, attributing it to the adage that "you can't make great wines from Italian grapes outside of Italy", which is now known to be utter nonsense. He recounts the recent successes of Italian varieties by Ryme/Unti/Idlewild/Giornata. Alas, he never done did hear of Bryan Harrington or he would have been included as well, I'm certain.
He details the success that Albarino has had in Calif, especially that early success of BrianBabcock and how well the variety is doing in Lodi.
The article is quite lengthy (30 some pages), but an absolutely fascinating read and highly recommended for the wine geek.