F.LLi Anselma Vino Barolo 1964

13.8% 720 ml

Oxidized but I drank most of it anyhow - quite sweet and fresh though. Off, as expected. Oh well. I have sworn off buying 1960's wine many times but relent over time - who could resist getting some Serralunga and potentially Vigna Rionda wine from a great year for a great price from a good looking bottle. It appeared to me that this is the same Anselma winery that is making Rionda Riserva today and has had the vineyard in the family for quite some time.
Really upping my game on making dinners though - usually I fail dinner-wise when I am cooking for myself but the last few dinners have been excellent. Airline pheasant breast and dried mushroom pasta, I believe.


F.LLi Anselma Vino Barolo 1964.JPG