Blair Swartz was in my LosAlamos wine group from the very start. Like many LosAlamos types, very focused on his passion and a bit anal.
His daughter, Stacey, was cleaning house and gave me some of his collection:
1. Connoisseur's Guide to Calif Wine: Vol 1#5 (July '75)-Vol 5#5 (Nov '80)
2. Robert Finnigan's Private Guide to Wines : July '76- May '81
3. Vintage Magazine : April '79-Aug '79
4. New West magazine: Phil Reich Wine Columns Jan '76- Feb '77: Phil , formerly of LiquorMart, went on to create the fabulous wine list at Michaels in SantaMonica.

If you're interested in this glimpse of early Calif wine history, PM me your mailing address and they're yours. Some very interesting reading.