Luigi Moscone Barolo 1974 - Azienda Agricola S. Rocco


S. Rocco is a vineyard in Serralunga mostly produced today by Azelia.

I bought this wine before I tried the 1967 Moscone. If I had tried the 1967 first, I would have never bought these 1974s. This is my 4th wine from the S. Rocco and I'm still not impressed. On the other hand, I had two Virginia Ferrero barolos that were good that may have been partially from S. Rocco. The Moscone family is originally from the Mosconi vineyard in Monforte. Indeed I just saw some recent barolo from the Moscone Brothers.

This wine was at least drinkable, unlike the 1967s. It was typical but not very interesting. It had some Serralunga scents and flavors but was not very distinguished. Not concentrated or rich - somewhat dull. Not recommended. With over cooked antelope medallions.


Luigi Moscone Barolo 1974.JPG