Roagna Opera Prima IV

13% - bottled April 15th 1988.

Opera Prima is a non-vintage wine made with several adjoining vintages of DOCG Barbaresco from old vines in the Paje, Montifico and Asili vineyards. Here is the link -

I was stunned that I was able to pick up a bottle of aged Barbaresco from Roagna recently in my price range. I would have thought it would have gone for big bucks, given Roagna's pricing these days.

Given that there are two to four vintages in this wine, were some of the vintages aged longer than DOCG Barbaresco regulations or were some vintages aged less? It's a little hard to tell what vintages are in this wine. I think it is a fascinating idea - mixing vintages from multiple vineyards. Maybe it started because of the many poor vintages that plagued Piedmont decades ago and this was a way to make up for vintage deficiencies.

Whatever the case is, this was a stunning wine. I was way too tired to really report on it. It was very young, very striking, full of energy, unique flavor profile and got better with air. Really striking palate. Unusual wine. Full of class, power and elegance. Savory,complex and hard to pin down - unusual in my experience. I would love to get more. Wonder if they still make it? Excellent with antelope steak.


Roagna Opera Prima IV (NV).JPG