Although it turned not to be that deep a mystery.
I love Austrian wines. I've often noted on the top of the screwtop, there is a number stamped. Or if not a screwcap, somewhere on the label a P, the Austrian bird w/ outstretched wings, and a long number. I've been mildly curious what that was all about.
Turns out (thank you Google) that is the Austrian Federal Inspection Number. All Pradikat & DAC wines have to be Federally inspected. First for a chemical analysis that has to fit within certain parameters. Then it is approved by tasting panels for "typicity" of the grape and the region. If it passes, it is awarded a Federal Inspection Number that must be displayed on the label or screwtop.
So now you know the rest of the story. The question arises:
1. Is there an on-line data base that one can search for specifics on the wine, given this inspection number?
2. "Typicity"? How rigorous are the inspection tasting panels in enforcing this requirement? If it's a Kremstal Gruner made with extensive skin contact, will it pass? If it's made from RibollaGialla, will it make the cut? If it's given 1 yr in new French oak, will it pass??
3. If it fails the Federal inspection, is it allowed to be exported... just w/o the Pradikat or DAC on the label?

Just sorta curious on the answers. I'm a LosAlamos guy, so you can just make stuff up if you want. It's what we do.


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