Tried this the other night w/ my Mongolian Tofu:
1. AlfaroVnyd GrunerVeltliner SantaCruzMtns (13%) P&B by ChualarCanyonWnry/Salinas 2017: Med.dark color; fairly strong GV/white pepper/floral/carnations slight grapefruity slight dusty/earthy attractive nose; lightly tart/tangy light GV/peppery/floral/carnations slight stony/earthy bit metallic flavor; med.long light GV/white pepper/floral/carnations light earthy/chalky finish; a rather pleasant white that speaks of GV w/ a quiet voice; can do much better from Austria in $15-$30 price range. $30.50 (KK)
A wee BloodyPulpit:
1. The provenance of this wine is a bit of a puzzle. Alfaro makes their own wine, but these are apparently grapes sole to ChualarCnynWnry. They own the CoastView vnyd. Whether Ian Brand is associated w/ this wine or not, I cannot figure out.