Luigi Einaudi Barolo Nei Cannubi 1996

14% Imported by Empson, VA

I think they bought the Gancia property in Cannubi and this was the first or second year it was produced. Dave C and/or CJ denounced it as modern back in the day so I never bought anymore of this bottling.

Decanted 4+ hours

"Really fresh and deep with cherries on the nose. Poignant, structured, modern, not very barolo-like. Acidic, edge-y, modern".

I wasn't thrilled with this wine at all and concurred with folks on the internet who said it is past its prime. Not much going on and didn't seem Cannubi-like at all or much quality showing.

Kept forgetting to drink the last third of a glass. Finally got around to it four days later. The wine was corked in a cold basement.

"So much going on. The nose is really expressive. Coffee, structured, veering between oak-ruined and great traditional wine. Striking wine and unexpected. Let it sit for 10-20 years. Don't like the modern thing. Fabulous wine in some ways and not in others. Very interesting style, lots in reserve, it seems."

I think this wine could be still drinking well in 50 years! I've only experienced the powerful end of Cannubi once before with the Prunotto 1990. This one keeps its power in reserve more than the Prunotto. Didn't really realize how structured and serious the cru could get.

I put away my 1996 Le Coste Grimaldi Einaudi Barolo that I had out for drinking. If the modern bottlings isn't ready then the more traditional cuvee must not be either.

With Venison Tenderloin. Great paring as usual.


Einaudi Barolo Nei Cannubi 1996.JPG