Paternoster Aglianico Del Vulture Don Anselmo 2000

14% Imported by North Berkeley Imports, CA

This was the surprise of the year! Really good wine. Didn't expect too much. Decanted one hour. I had this a number of years back but can't find any notes here. I wasn't too impressed as I recall. It had that Italian acidity, some texture in the wine and very smooth. The wine felt like a combination of a Rhone, Pinot and Barolo, in some way. There was no sign of oak nor was it rustic or burly in any way. It didn't improve in the glass. Eminently drinkable. Didn't take notes so this is all I've got. The only "knock" might be that it didn't speak of origin or place to me. I got that this was Italian but this wine was not really attributable to a region. Not a hot climate wine at all.

Excellent with a simple but tasty duck ragu recipe from Ferrara.


Paternoster Aglianico Del Vulture Don Anselmo 2000.JPG