I tried this wine fresh off the boat, was underwhelmed, & thought I'd go back & revisit it:
1. Idlewild Erbaluce NorthCoast (12.1%; www.IdlewildWines.com) 2021: Light gold color; rather stony/chalky/mineral/bit earthy solme floral/carnations bit herbal/cardamon/spicy fairly attractive nose; quite tart/tangy bit lightweight mostly stony/mineral/chalky slight tangy/metallic light floral/carnations/spicy pleasant flavor; very long mostly chalky/stony/mineral slight grassy/Kansas haymow lightly tart light bodied/lightweight slight floral/carnations/spicy finish; a lightweight pretty white but just that; not nearly the interest of the Arneis or the Cortese; not nearly the bracing minerality of Piemonte Erbaluce; much prefer the Flora&Fauna White blend. $35.00
More riprfattle from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Erbaluce is a grape grown mostly near the Piemontese town of Caluso, where it has its own DOC. It has been slowing bleeding over into the AltoPiemonte as well. It's usually made as a dry/high-acid white, a bit on the lean/austere side. The best Erbaluces I've had have been Erbaluce de Caluso Passito, a dessert wine that can age incredibly well. Especially from (the deceased) Dr.???. MadRose On Erbaluce
I had this Idlewild fresh off the boat & was underwhelmed. That was several months ago. On this retry, I'm still somewhat underwhelmed. I don't see that it has much potential to put on weight. This is Sam's first Erbaluce & as the vines mature, I expect more from this grape in his hands.