Had these three last weekend w/ Susan:
1. naia Dd'O: Rueda (13.5%; Vnyds > 40 yrs old; Verdejo grape; L21153; Aviva Vino/NY) Bodegas Naia/La Seca/Valladolid 2020: Light gold color; quite floral/carnations/Verdejo spicy/perfumed talc light chalky rather attractive nose; fairly tart/tangy/metallic some rich/lush slight metallic strong floral/Verdejo/carnations light chalky/mineral quite pleasant flavor; ling light chalky/perfumed talc slight metallic/steely fairly strong floral/Verdejo/carnations/bit spicy finish; a quite pretty/pleasant expression of Spanish Verdejo at a good price.
$14.00 (Prima IlC)
2. Tabarrini IlPadrone della Vigne IGT: Umbria Rosso RW (15%; Sangiovese + Sagrantino/Barbera; www.Tabarrini.com; Lyra Imprts/South SF) Tabarrini Giampaola/Turrita/Montefalco 2018: Very dark color; strong blackberry/black cherry/Sangio some toasty/oak fairly intense nose; lightly tart fairly hard/tannic/rugged strong Sangio/black cherry/blackberry some toasty/Fr.oak some earthy bit rustic flavor w/ ample hard tannins; long strong black cherry/Sangio/blackberry rather toasty/Fr.oak some earthy/rustic finish w/ hard chewey tannins; a rather hard/blocky/rugged expression of Sangio that needs 3-6 yrs yet. $20.00 (Prima IlC)
3. Clos Larrouyat Phoenix AC: Jurancon (12%; 100% Petit Manseng; MeBaD; KermitLynch/Berkeley) Maxime & Lucie Solharang/Gan 2020: Light gold color; strong fragrant ripe peach/pear/mango/pineapple rather floral/gardenias light mineral fairly complex beautiful nose; fairly tart/tangy lightly sweet (5%-8% r.s.?) very strong ripe peach/pear/mango/pineapple/spicy light earthy almost R/spatlese-like beautiful flavor; very long/lingering lightly tart/tangy very strong ripe/juicy peach/pear/pineapple/mango slight earthy fairly sweet some complex finish; a really lovely dessert wine w/o the rustic/earthy character you find in some Jurancon whites; fairly priced at $39.00/500 ml (KK)
More tuttersvelt from TheBloodyPulpit:
1. Jurancon: This is a late harvest PetitManseng left on the vine to ripen. Botrytis plays no role in these wines. This is one that would give the TablasCreek PetiteManseng a good run for its money.