Getting close to closing the website. Maureen retires at the end of the year. We are pulling our belts tight and being sure we have enough to retire. We will be moving out of San Diego, looking at Greenville very strongly and if we can afford a home there, we are going. It will take awhile but we will be living on savings, social security and retirement funds. We are good but we want to limit our ongoing bills and this is on our list of discretionary spending that we want to move on from.

It's been an awesome ride and I want to thank everyone who has contributed over the years and especially you hard core types who have kept the site alive recently. I feel bad that I can't keep this going forever just for you folks but alas, the time is coming.

I think I will pull the plug right after Christmas. I have been open to having someone take over the site but have not found anyone or had anyone inquire.

I know one person asked if there was a way to save the database for austerity but I don't even have the desire to host it and write code to search and display it. It would take time and money. If any of you regulars want to play with it, let me know, I will save the database.

I can't express my thanks enough, it has been a gas and thanks for all the positive energy from so many over the years.

Peace out!

It Ain't the End of the World