An irregular group go together last night to do a vertical of Ridge Geyserville. It was not complete from 1975-2002 but starts and ends at those vintages.

I don't heave detailed notes but will comment indiviudally when there's something to say. Others I'm sure will chime in to flesh this out.

There were no bad bottles, and only 1-2 possibly corked and we couldn't agree on that.

The first 4 wines, 1975, 1978, 1980, 1981 were very similar. They all had an aged funky nose that eventually subsided and noticeable fruit. All got better with a little air and none really went down hill over 5 hours.

1975 - Good finishing acidity, complex, balanced.
Execellent at 5 hours+. Suprassed the 1978. 14.7%Alc.

(Z=Zinfandel, PS-Petite, C=Carignan)

1978 - bit more funk on the nose, big fruit,aged/spicey flavors and some tannins. Best of the first 3.

1980 - Weakest of the first 3. Aquarium nose,spicey up front, definitely on the way down. 100% Zinfandel.

1981 - The second time for many of us tasting this. Another exquisite effort. Nose of brown sugar and aged wine. Medium body, black/red fruits and tannins all finishing up with great balance.

1987 - Corked? Little flavor, some body. IMHO DOA but it was not a terrible wine. It just paled against the first 4.
88%Z, 4%PS, 8%C. 13.7%Alc

Of the bottles I still have, the amount of Carignon in the blend went up to over 10% after 1987 and, I beleive, stayed there in varying amounts.

1990 - Very young nose, full bodied bright spcey fruit, balance great finish. Has many more years. 64%Z, 18%PS, 18%C

1991 - Menthol nose, full body, tannins, great fruit, young tasting. 50%Z, 30%C, 20%PS

1992 - Corked? or just funky? Candied fruit. Simple. 65%Z, 20%C, 15%PS

Around this point most of us noticed a stylistic change in the wines. More cherry flavors, less funk, more up front fuit.

1994 - Older nose, fully mature tasting probably at its peak prior to heading off into secondary flavors.

From here on out they were very similar. A combination of red/black fruits, acidity, spices. All had good fruit and balance none really stood out. All had waxy nose (like Marsanne)

1995 - Closed nose, full body candied fruit. Tannins.

1996 - Good wine.

1997 - spicey fruit

1998 - Doing well.

1999 - Oak and vanilla nose. Tannins, fruit

2000-2002 - Almost identical and opened way to soon.