Mauro Sebaste Barolo Monvigliero 1996
Imported by Bacco,Inc VA

Not a wine I would normally buy but I was persuaded by the price, the year, the vineyard and a recomendation by Luca M, at least at the producer level. Suprising though that I would, given my poor experiences with Sylla Sebaste(Barolo 1990), his mom I guess.

My first 1996 in a long time, this was purchased a number of years after the official release year.

Decanted for 3 hours. The nose early on was very closed and offered New World scents only. It opened up slowly to be very classic, with depth. An unusual apple, almost green apple scent appeared along with cherry and roses.

The palate was not very open, with some drying tannins. It picks up some depth. Still, the nose continues to be much richer than the palate. A tiny bit of oak.

This was a classic wine with some New World tendancies which cheapened the experience. Aspects of it tasted like an inexpensive WA state red. It had a huge nose but the palate didn't live up to it. In the end, I think the fruit quality was not what it should have been. A highly rated vineyard like Monvigliero in a high-rated year ought to produce some decent quality fruit, at least. This could have been a really nice wine had the fruit delivered but it dropped off in that department, leaving the wine feeling a bit unbalanced. It had the rest, good acidity and tannins. Good to good plus. I can't predict where this wine is headed. It stopped opening up after awhile and I could not find anything that made me feel like it is heading for glory. Who knows though. I have another I'll try in 10 years.