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Gin & Tonic

Again, Beefeater for me, 2-3 oz over ice; add tonic & lime wedge. One problem I'm running into is most tonics are too sweet and use high fructose corn syrup. Q Tonic is good, but expensive & hard to find.

Delurking here after a long while...

I concur with the Beefeater choice and that most tonic is too sweet. I'd been using the "diet" Schweppes to counter that problem, but then there's always the slightly "off" taste of the artificial sweetener.

I recently discovered Stirrings tonic water... much less sweet: 40 calories worth in a 7-oz (?) bottle which is the perfect amount for my tall-ish G&T. The stuff is on the expensive side ($4 for a 4-pack) and not always easy to find, but worth the hunt.