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When I have been in the US in states where hybrids are grown they seem very accepted by the locals.

I think that some hybrid/natives can make good wines, but if people aren't prepared to pay for them then less will be spent on their winemaking and there is a vicious circle.

I reckon tho', that hybrids won't be accepted amongst cognescenti until RP gives one a 90+ score smile

Agreed, it does seem to be a localized movement with specific pockets of consumers. When GrapeRadio went to the East Coast we saw/tasted several varieties, including Norton and Chambourcin. The wines seemed arguably well-made, but none of them particularly excited us. It seemed to me like these wines would be a hard sell, and yet one Virginia producer, Chrysalis, has gone to the extent of planting significantly more Norton grapes. So, obviously there's a market for non-vinifera grapes somewhere.
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