BEB, I don't really understand your most recent post. As far as I can see, Peter has been clear with his definitions (about as clear as could be in his latest post) and I haven't read anything from him that I'd put in the "cheap swipes" category.

Pinotage is not considered a hybrid by any definition I've ever run across, since it is not a cross of two different grape species, but a cross between two varieties of Vitis vinifera. What's the OCW definition you've referred to that is more broad?

Not that Wikipedia is always a reliable reference, but this entry seems pretty straightforward and is in keeping with the definitions I'm familiar with: List of grape varieties

So it sounds like your original question was in regard to man-made grape cultivars that are inter-species hybrids as well as those that are crosses of varieties within species (whether that's vinifera, lambrusca, whatever). You're right, few of the man-made hybrids or crosses get much respect, and based on ones I've tried, I've found very few that approach the same level of interest or quality of the better-known vinifera wine grapes.