Some years ago, I bought a book on biodynamic gardening to give me some clues how to better manage the back yard vegetables. I don't recall the crank religion part of it, but it posed a general theory that planting in harmony benefitted the crops and the soil. Whether that was derived from science, tradition, or conjecture, it had some face validity, so I read on. Some assertions begged evidence (planting by phase of moon) and others were easily tested (companion planting) and an assertion that one could plant densely and vertically, get more production, and leave the soil in good shape - well, that was very interesting.

To me, it was a framework to make you think about various things rather than reach for the chemicals or become obsessive about weeding. Whether it came from religious inspiration, ancient tradition, or a lucid dream didn't matter. It had a logic that appeals and I've found useful.

Problems occur when you start creating cults and certifications. Someone gets to make rules for others to follow. Stories are concocted to make it ancient, or modern science, or earth mother religion, or all of the above. It becomes a full blown meme. A waste of energy.

The blog doesn't separate what might be useful from the cult or fad, but seems to waste another tanker of energy doing the full ad hominem routine on practitioners. Baby going out with bathwater.