Interesting site.

Invigorating discussion, unless you support BD methods and then as one response mentioned, it wasn't much fun.

I've listened to Peter Cargasacchi and Peter Work discuss this, which was hugely entertaining because they absolutely rip the heck out of each other.

For me, I'm not much of a believer, other than it has some sensible agricultural practices that, by the way, a lot of non BD growers use as well.

But, I say why care about what any farmer wants to do in his vineyard, as long as it is safe for my health. I just have no stake in the argument. Marketing is marketing on much of it tends towards hocus pocus. There are bigger debates to spend your time on. I am more concerned with a winery that makes wine for Parker than I am with who uses BD or not. ???????

I don't like charletons who want to sell us bridges any more than the next guy and, clearly there are some people who take this path in their approach to BD. They are like so many of the people trying to sell us "green" technology who really don't have a stake in it beyond the green of the bucks we pay them for their useless products. I'm all for recycling and being careful with natural resources but alot of this "green" stuff goes way beyond that and much of it has no scientific basis in fact, they work off of guilt and misinformation.

That being said, whatever floats someones boat, I could care less what people do as long as it doesn't effect my health and they don't proselytize to me.

Declaring your methods to the public, right or wrong, is fair game if you believe in it, but going over the top and using it as a major selling, marketing point for your sales could become a double edged sword with some people.