This is a play on the Dark and Stormy but fairly unique.

Old Viscosity Strong Ale. Dark Rum. Ginger. Lemon.

The Old Viscosity is a super dark strong black ale. If you can't find it, sub a dark Porter or a dry stout.

You need to make some strong ginger simple syrup.

Shot of good dark rum like Goslings
Juice of half a lemon or more if you like it, I do
A short shot of the simple syrup
The rest of the glass will have the ale in it.
Serve with a chunk of candied ginger in a tooth pick.

The ale should be more chilled than you would keep it normally.

I have been experimenting with this and this is about as close as I have gotten to the one at Craft & Commerce.

It really is all about balance and that is why I like so much of the lemon juice, it pulls it together because of the sweetness brought in with the syrup.