We're back, and we had a great time exploring the city, with daughter and gaggle of family in tow. A great dinner at Serrato, too many sour beers at Cascade Brewing, more beer at Upright, donuts from Voodoo, and, well, the Friday market under the Burnside bridge. Too much more to mention.

As for wine, we did manage to let the grandparents have a *whole day* alone with their grandaughter, and headed out to the Willamette. A snotty and disinterested experience at Adelsheim, an excellent and engaging one at Bergstrom just up the road, and a discovery of a newer winery just a bit north of those two, Coline Clemens, which while only on their third vintake is already making wines of restraint and distinction. We ducked down to Carlton for delicious, if slow, sandwiches at the filling station, and a couple flights of overly manipulated wine at the Carlton winery cooperative.

If there was a downside, it was that the weekend coincided with Oregon Pinot Camp, and mutually constrained schedules meant that we couldn't work out appointments at any of our appt. only places.

All in all, a wonderful trip - thanks for all the suggestions! Hopefully there will be another visit to dig into more that the city has to offer.

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