Casa Vinicola Luigi Nervi & Figlio Gattinara Riserva Del Titolare (?) 1967 DOC

No Importer sticker. No red sticker on the neck. Traviglini style bottle. Alcohol 13%. 720 ml

We decanted this for an hour. Lots of gnarley sediment. Cloudy. Probably should have been stood up longer (3 days). Still retaining some color.

This is a great wine but I was cooking, hosting, sharing and running behind schedule so details are short. The flavors really didn't stand out individually but worked as a whole. The wine was sweet, nose of rose, had plenty of fruit, deceptively fresh and young, cool and menthol. It was rich and complex. It was getting better as we drank it. Acidic but not austere or drying. This is what you look for in an aged wine...a deeply unique experience. Our guests commented on how smooth it was and they were surprised, expecting an old wine to be non-smooth. Their birth years were 1966 and 1968 so the wine was a hit!

I think it says "Titolare" but the printing is so gothic, it's hard to tell. Anyone know anything about this Riserva?

This wine aged effortlessly. I think the average Gattinara will age better than the average Barolo over the very long term. This wasn't falling apart at all.

Renato Ratti Macenasco Barolo 1996

Imported by Cavatappi , WA

I'm never quite sure with 1996 whether to open something or not. This was a good choice. This is still quite young but delivering lot of classic flavor. It's no sin to open now. Rasperberries and rose, classic La Morra, complex, floral and with depth. This wine will age well but will drink well young, a combo that Ratti seems to have mastered. This can easily go another 10 or 20 years. I think it will open up and flesh out. It was quite good but a little tiny bit in the back ground. I think it will come front and center eventually. Very nice.

Both were pretty poignant wines. It's been a good year for wine.

Also I just got a stash of wines from the '60's, 70's and 80's. I have this hunch for some reason that the success rate of these wines will be higher than the old wines I've already consumed. I'm going to keep track. With the recent good showing of the 1974 Barolo Ribezza I'm 2 for 2!


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