Virginia Ferrero Barolo Classico Extra Vecchio 1964 Serralunga d' Alba Zona Vini Tipicini Piemonte

Founded in 1856.
A 750 suprisingly not a 720.
I suppose the extra vecchio (extra time) refers to extra time in barrel not old vines. I guess prior to regulations (DOCG).

This started out with a sherry nose and I was worried it was bad but the longer it was open the better it tasted. So it actually was fine, it just needed to be open for an hour or two. Initially I was reluctant to keep it open very long as I felt it might go over the deep end but it instead did the reverse. It continued to get better so I don't know where that would end up. Rose, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, curry, getting bitter and tannic. Still very alive towards the end as it woke up. This was micro-complex, smooth, tasty, savory, very small scaled as if through a microscope. A certain amount of intensity. Mega sediment. A Barolo slurrpy if I've ever seen one. A very nice wine.

I've got another and I will let this next one open up an hour or two more before I drink it. I've had the 1982 of this and it was very resolved, savory and smooth. I also have a 1989 that I've yet to try.

Virginia Ferrero was one of the earlier Barolos imported to the US and included library releases. They now do not seem to have any market in the US but do release a San Rocco SV but it seems to be in smaller amounts than before. I assume this producer used to draw from Serralunga (+?) beyond the SV San Rocco as their market seems greater then than now.

Recommended with air and only if not high priced. Educational and still enjoyable.

6 for 7 success rate on old Italian wines.


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