Historically, the timezone set in the server caused the timezone for the forums to be Pacific time. It have now changed to be Grenwich Mean Time. I am going to change the global setting on the forum tonight.It could cause you an issue.

There is a "feature" in the forums to allow the admins to throttle auto posting to the forums. We can limit the number of posts over a certain time. We have it set to 0. This removes any restrictions. We have not had a problem. However, when I set the timezone back 8 hours nobody will be able to post a second time in that 8 hours. It checks that the post time is after "now" and it won't be "now" for 8 hours. I'm doing it tonight since it will affect the fewest number of people (sorry Noel).

There have been some reports of people posting and the contents of the post end up blank. After the time change tonight, if anyone sees the problem, please message me, or post in the issues forum. I may need to set up a webex shared screen session with you because I've tried to duplicate it every way people have mentioned and not been able to do it.