Rivetto Vino Barolo Riserva Speciale 1967

Ercole Rivetto di Gian Maria e Sergio

720 ml 13%

The family coat of arms on the bottle has the slogan "Rivetto alias Rivetta"

Decanted an hour ahead....the cork came out in one piece.

This is one of those wines you can smell across the room, when opened. The wine has a distinct sweet component to it which is the main impression of this wine. It is smooth with caramel flavors, very smooth. It has some very fresh notes of apple, plum and pear. It's very cool with some menthol notes. Very striking wine with strong notes of forest and pine. Lot of flowers in this wine and lots of fruit. Rustic and in-precise. So poignant. Structure is evident. As time went on, very drying, with richness and energy. Drying plum flavor. Drying structure increases, intensity and richness picks up and very, very poignant. There was one drop left the next AM and it sure was an intense little ball of energy.

This is a very substantial wine, with strong perfume and flavors, that may not yet be at peak. It drinks well with only a little air but I think a 3 or 4 hour decant might be in order. I really liked this wine and the style is one of my favorites. The only knock might be that it wasn't completely complex and precise.

Coincidentally, I just bought a Rivetto wine this week, the Leon Riserva barolo, although I have never been able to find Leon on a map. Rivetto has been getting a lot of favorable comments lately.