Mother Earth Brew Co.
Cali Creamin' Vanilla Cream Ale (Ale With Natural Flavor Added)
Cream Ale
12oz, Single
Two fingers of bright white and frothy foam, moderate density and retention, dimples as it dissolves, the lacing comes as sheets with no real stickiness. The liquid is a solid orange amber color, somewhat darker than expected, not many bubbles and they tend to be quite tiny, clear and without and filminess. There is a grainy, just starting cook breadiness to the nose and certainly no lack of vanilla and whipped cream scents, hint of orange creamsicle, honey and at times cinnamon, overall innocuous and thankfully not cloyingly sweet. Medium-bodied, shows likewise restraint in the mouth with malty smoothness and yet enough stiffness so that it doesn't lazily cling to your pores. In fact at times it almost develops a bitter pucker but then that vanilla fudge and corn syrup notes salve all wounds. The carbonation is weak and could stand to get ratcheted up. They tweaked the basic recipe enough to give it freshness but perhaps in the process gave away too much of the richness and sweetness which the hallmark and differentiating factor for this category of beer. Still could be sessioned easily enough.
2 out of 5