Stella Artois Brewery
Stella Artois
Euro Pale Lager
11.2oz, 6-Pack
Fluffy head of close to two fingers, bright white, too whipped up to possess strong retention, the lacing is fairly broad though and clings well. The liquid is a pale yellow hue, not quite watery but close, broadly set fat bubbles lazily drift upwards. There's a sweet grain to corn syrup nature to the nose, moderate leafiness and equal notes of bubblegum and iron flecks, intimation of apple or pear fruit, nothing flawed nor offputting about it, basically smells like beer when you first learned what beer smelled like. Medium-boded, dry without losing fullness, floral hops and a gentle herbal side. Some peppery spice but on the whole it's sweet even if without much distinct fruit flavor, perhaps banana to apple. The carbonation has sufficient activity and churn to keep it moving so the sweetness does not become boring. Leaves behind a residue of corn meal and cereal grains along with a metallic tang. More enjoyable very well chilled than as it gets closer to room temperature.
2 out of 5