Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
Szech 'n Brett (Organic Farmhouse Ale With Spice)
Saison/Farmhouse Ale
25.4oz, Single
Very foamy, even a slow and measured pout gets you close to three fingers of bleached white microfoam, fairly even surface, retention is just below average but the head never fully dissipates, the lacing is more veins than streaks. Very cloudy yellow colored liquid, sort of like rust water, translucent to opaque, large quantity of tiny pinprick bubbles throughout. Penetrating power to the nose, sour and close to vinegary, lots of pepper, citrus peel, dried flower petals and cereal grains to dead yeast cells, the fruit mainly pear, yellow apple to apricot, more clean and medicinal than funky, nicely cleansing. In the mouth it's full-bodied, a touch heavier than expected based on the nose, earthier here but still clean on the whole. The pepper to cardamom, fennel, anise spice most evident at the end and as residue. Tangerine, lemon citrus both sweet and sour. Yeasty but nothing close to finished dough or bread. Plenty of sweetness to be found in the pear, melon, apple flavors, moments of star fruit. The carbonation is more a bass rumble than treble prickle. Extends well through the finish given its heft while also not leaving any undesirable residue behind.
4 out of 5