21st Amendment Brewery
Marooned On Hog Island (Stout Brewed With Hog Island Sweetwater Oyster Shells)
English Stout
12oz, 4-Pack
Just about a finger of brown foam, irregular surface, simmers down to a consistent surface coating, lacing forms broad streaks without much stick. The liquid is black at its core and more a dark brown near the surface and edges, you can spy the active tiny bubbles as they break the surface. There's a clean, scrubbing sensation in the nose, not overly dependent on the chocolate albeit credible amount of that as well as creamed coffee and caramel accents, solid chicory as well, the oyster shells do indeed add saline, seashore sort of nuances, just a hint of cherry fruit, the components don't leap out at you, best enjoyed as a harmonized whole. Medium-bodied, the dryness reduces its palate presence. More roast and coffee, little cocoa or chocolate, more straight up malty. The salty sea breeze and salt water aspect retains force here. More grassy and metallic, thankfully the carbonation brings a fluffy lift which limits such elements. No real fruit presence. Nothing here rides to the rescue of a cavalry of sweetness. As such, it really only delivers on half of the equation. And would like more body. Still, not a bad offering by any stretch.
2 out of 5