Prairie Artisan Ales
Bomb! (Imperial Stout Aged On Coffee, Cacoa Nibs, Vanilla Beans, And Chili Peppers)
American Double/Imperial Stout
12oz, Single
Moderate one finger head which steadily simmers down, dark tan or light brown, take your pick, very even surface, the lacing slides around the glass in broad sheets, eventually spilling downwards. Black liquid yet not so opaque that you can't see the bubble beads, no color tint at the edges. Spicy nose with the chili pepper making the initial splash, at times almost green and leafy with a wet fur edge, oily tar, the chocolate seems dense enough as to be inert, burnt coffee, close to zero fruit scent presence, quite interesting yet not immediately pleasurable. Full-bodied, viscously thick and layered, here the sweetness of the chocolate and vanilla is on full display, all confectionery goodness. The chili spice there but more proportionate, bringing heat for balance. Coconut, cafe con leche and a hint of witch hazel. Not much movement from the carbonation, just a tickle under the tongue. The pepperiness lingers the most through the finish. Avoids both excess booziness and needless showiness, for its scale and level of richness displays good agility. One bottle is the perfect size for a single sitting.
5 out of 5