Davidson Brothers Brewing Company
BRN Brown Ale
English Brown Ale
New York
12oz, 6-Pack
Close to two fingers of tan foam, nicely even surface, dimples such as it sizzles off, retention is okay, the lacing is full before falling down the glass sides. Somewhat filmy brown to orange hued liquid, you can see a lot of bubbles break the surface, nothing special visually. The nose shows considerable malt, cocoa, nuts and caramel, as much minerals to rust as smoke, fig to plum fruit, pleasantly innocuous. Light to medium-bodied, medium grade carbonation. Here the metallic, earthy side comes out and nudges the sweetness to the side. This not to diminish the persistence of the caramel, cola bean, milk chocolate to danish flakes and candied nuts. Less fruit, raisin and fig but lacking in concentration. The mouth feel is smooth enough but it leaves you wishing the core flavors were more robust. And that it did not leave that metallic bitterness behind at the end.
2 out of 5