Ciao famiglia,

I don't normally TN wines I taste in the store because so much can change when I have them at home with food and am not spitting out. laugh

However, every now and then I taste something in the store with the various reps that I think might be of interest here.

The 2012 Ceretto Barolo is the entry level Barolo that used to be called Zonchera, now just Barolo. Though still young, it has the classic color of an old school Barolo, that gorgeous medium cherry red, translucent, glowing in the natural sunlight with a piece of white paper behind it. It has a floral nose of spicy cherry and raspberry, some incense, some smoke perhaps, should continue to mature for another 5-7 or more years. That lean, lithe structure that I love in Nebbiolo wines, slightly tannic, you can drink it tonight but it has more to give I think. The only drawback to this wine is, of course, the price, which at our cost would put it on the shelf at about $50-55. Grade: B+ or so, based on a small taste, could go higher when it is mature.

The 2011 Barolo Brunate is more intense, deeper and richer, which a fabulous nose of roses, spicy red/black cherry fruits, red licorice... Great color, old school cherry red like the normale but a bit darker and deeper, healthy, young color. Needs time, at least 8-10 years in the cellar and should improve for many more after that, is my guess. This wine brought back many memories of mature Ceretto Barolo and Barbaresco drunk during my golden age of wine drinking. smile
Again, the price is the main obstacle, about $120-130 or so on our shelf, pretty much unattainable for 99% of my customers, and for me as well. frown Grade: A- but could go higher to an A if it matures as I expect it to. Again, based on a small sample.

I should mention two weeks ago the rep brought the Ceretto Arneis in the store, called "Blange", I think it was the 2015 but do not remember, it is whatever the latest release would be. That was a beautiful Arneis, so fresh and zippy, and loaded with flavor. Retail is about $25 or so. Grade: B+/A-.
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